True chimney-smoked
ham in the pure
Normandy tradition

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Les Jambons d’Antan provide a custom preparation service for the products you bring.
The product will be processed in the same manufacturing cycle as the Jambons d’Antan. Identified upon arrival, your product can be converted into smoked ham, braised ham or cooked ham by Les Jambons d’Antan.

If required, your ham can be deboned for easier cutting.
Vacuum-packed (6 thin slices or 4 medium slices) to be specified when ordering.

Time required to prepare your orders
  • Ham on the bone: 3 months
  • Ham off the bone: 4 months
  • Braised ham: 2 weeks
  • Cooked ham: 2 weeks
  • Smoked belly pork: 3 weeks

Example of a custom preparation order